NHS Main Entrance & Retail

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A wealth of experience

noviniti has a wealth of experience in designing and developing solutions to enhance and extend main entrances at hospitals. This includes providing Trusts with a statement entrance including reception lobbies, Trust facilities and a range of complimentary retail offers, the latter generating sufficient income rental to fully finance the project funding requirement at no cost to the NHS Trust.

This secured income stream often provides a residual amount which can be used to either finance the funding for additional specialist hospital accommodation and clinical facilities, capital contributions or as secure annual income.

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Driving customer satisfaction

We recognise that a new main entrance is more than just great retail; we are told by our NHS partners that it also significantly improves the staff, patient and visitor experience driving customer satisfaction. In addition, the new facilities have been proven to help with recruitment and retention of staff in the NHS.

Project success

Through dialogue with our clients, we identify additional elements that are important to the success of the project. Recent developments include the proposed delivery of car-parks (both surface and multi-storey), Key Worker accommodation, a specialist Research Facility, Trust administration and Lecture Theatres and a link corridor for patient transport.

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