Car Parks

The Optimum Car Park

noviniti, is able to provide the funding and know-how to create both surface and decked car parks as well as multi storey car parks. We recognise that parking is often over-subscribed and frequently under-provisioned for, adversely affecting both staff and visitors.

We will work with you to design the optimum car park, taking into consideration the need for disabled and EV parking bays. The annual income from the net gain parking spaces should generate sufficient income to fully finance the funding requirement for the project and, in addition, provide a residual income stream.

Reduced construction time

Our specialist development partners will design and build all elements of the car park, from the groundworks upwards, through to M&E, signage and finishing works. The modular system build is pre-fabricated off site which dramatically reduces the construction time needed on site.

User friendly

The entrance and exit into the car parks will be configured to enable user friendly, single direction traffic flow throughout the car parks, resulting in vastly reduced queuing and congestion around the site.

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