Opening of the New
Main Entrance at Poole Hospital



Communication is key

The noviniti team has delivered many projects across multiple sectors, each one different, and each with their own unique purpose.  

Communication is key in delivering a successful project and we establish a project team at the outset.  This group will meet at a predefined frequency where the project progress is reviewed and any issues dealt with in a timely manner.

Ecologically friendly

We believe that our developments should be ecologically friendly, commercially sustainable, energy efficient and each should have a positive impact upon the people who use them and the environment in which they are built.

Reduce project delivery time up to %40

Using modern methods of construction, noviniti provides its clients with a blended mix of both off site precision construction methodologies combined with traditional forms of onsite construction.

This approach can significantly reduce the project delivery time (up to 40%), it can reduce disruption to existing business operations and offers real design flexibility. Our approach drives the adoption of sustainable forms of construction that have quality at their heart.