Bespoke Funding Solutions

Working collaboratively with our clients

noviniti is in the vanguard of delivering new and innovative responsive funding solutions that are designed entirely around the needs of each client. Our approach is to work collaboratively with our clients to understand what their aspirations are for each project and then create a bespoke funding solution to realise their vision. This is particularly the case where a development is intended to be partly or wholly funded by new revenue streams.

Our overriding objective is to create funding solutions for our clients that are not only cost-neutral but, in addition, generate a secure annual income stream and/or a one-off capital receipt for our public sector partners. Through our extensive experience we are able to identify viable revenue-generating schemes that provide our clients with a guaranteed annual income stream that in turn covers off the annual financing requirement for the development, whilst still providing the client with a guaranteed residual return

FTS Compliant

Funding solutions are entirely FTS compliant and tailored to remove complexity. Where possible, we will utilise or adapt the noviniti suite of legal documentation to ensure legal costs, time and complexity are kept to an absolute minimum while retaining the integrity of the governance process for our client.

noviniti is governed well and through that we take the stewardship of our client’s development projects very seriously. We have an improvement culture. We see the efficiency of doing things right and the effectiveness of doing the right thing.

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