About Us


noviniti is an innovative and solutions driven developer working in partnership with the public and private sectors and leading blue-chip organisations. Our mission, put simply, is to bring high quality building solutions to our clients that deliver architectural impact and functionality – underpinned with tailored financing solutions.

We work with our clients to understand their needs and develop solutions to deliver exceptional facilities that transform their site. Our team works collaboratively and in partnership with our clients to deliver best value solutions both architecturally and financially.

Our Offer

noviniti manages every aspect of a development project including design, planning, legals and contracts. We are committed to pioneering new technologies and developing funding models to deliver often complex real estate projects. We believe that our developments should be ecologically friendly, commercially sustainable, energy efficient and should have a positive impact upon the people who use them and the environment in which they are built.

Our vision

Our vision is that our name and our reputation should be congruent with the best in our sector. We have a valued reputation for transparency; being as good as our word; professionalism and an enviable breadth and depth of experience. That experience can be counted in terms of years in the sector or knowledge of the business – and that’s over one hundred and twenty years. Our vision is that we bring all that experience to every client and to every development.

A warm welcome to noviniti

Our values are simple – respect, openness, honesty, transparency, integrity, and being a good corporate citizen. noviniti is governed well and through that we take the stewardship of our client’s development projects very seriously. We have an improvement culture. We see the efficiency of doing things right and the effectiveness of doing the right thing.

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